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Jackpot Games in Australian online casino

Today, jackpot games are one of the lifelines of the gaming industry. Regardless of their bets, all players have the opportunity to win huge prizes. There are several jackpot slots games that can make you an instant millionaire.

If you're intrigued by the idea of placing a small bet and receiving a huge payout, stay with us as we discuss all you need to know about jackpot games in RocketPlay casino, tips and tricks to play jackpot games, and many more.

Difference between regular casino games and Jackpot games

A Jackpot game is a type of casino game similar to a regular slot machine but has a larger end-game reward. Every game played online on the same slot contributes a percentage of the bet to the pot.

Regardless of their bets, all players have an equal chance to win large sums of money. Jackpot games are intended to provide massive payouts to those who play them frequently. Some jackpot games casino have limited jackpots that appear once a week or, in some cases, once a month.

However, there are jackpot slots games that can instantly make you a millionaire. This is particularly true of the most popular slot games on iGaming sites. When thousands of people play the same slot machine, the progressive jackpot fills up faster and grows larger. Regular casino games cannot earn you as much as jackpot games with just one spin. Once you hit the jackpot, it’s a game-changer for you.

Types of Jackpot Games and Their Features

Fixed Jackpots

Fixed jackpot casino games are slots that offer a set amount each time someone wins, and most slot machines have a fixed jackpot. It could be 600,000 coins regardless of how much you bet, or it could be 1000x your bet.

Because the jackpot is built into the game, the amount won is not determined by the amount wagered. You can win the jackpot twice in a row and get the same amount each time. However, when playing online, keep in mind the specific betting requirements.

These online jackpot games offer the highest payouts available in slot machines, which is why obtaining them is back-breaking. One of these requirements could be to match five of the game's rarest or wild symbols.

Progressive Jackpots

With progressive jackpot games, the pot continues to grow until it is won and the cash is collected. A progressive jackpot, for example, can continue to increase until a player wins and claims the prize. On the other hand, if no one is able to win the pot, it keeps rolling over, making the game quite fascinating.

In the case of progressive casino jackpot games, a percentage of each wager is added to the grand prize. The total prize increases with each spin until all the winning criteria are met. When the jackpot is won, the process begins all over again.

They are available on a variety of games, but the most common ones are associated with jackpot slot games. They typically range from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. Progressive jackpot games are available at both online and land-based casinos.

Most progressive jackpot games today require minimum wagers to be eligible for the jackpot. So, if you hit the required combination to win the progressive but wagered below the min amount, you will not win the progressive. So, it’s necessary that you check the playthrough requirements to avoid any regret.

Although progressives are well-known with slot games, they can also be found in other casino games. Some video poker games offer a progressive jackpot, so poker lovers also have the opportunity to win huge.

Multiple Jackpots

Multiple jackpot games simply indicate that there are multiple jackpots for a single game. The well-known Mega Moolah features four jackpots. Overall, these multiple jackpots are triggered by bonus rounds that award additional spins. A bonus wheel is sometimes a popular choice among game developers. These jackpots can sometimes be triggered at random. Multiple jackpots are also available as free jackpot games download for those who are not ready to play with real money.

Local Jackpots

Jackpot amounts will vary between casinos. Local jackpots will grow faster or slower depending on the popularity of a specific gambling site. Local progressives have lower jackpot amounts compared to other daily jackpot games due to the limited bets from each machine.

This amount is typically between $500 and $4,000 across various local jackpot slots. Interestingly, you have a better chance of winning the jackpot prize on any of the local jackpot slots than on other types of jackpot titles.

Network Jackpots

There are games that are part of a 'network jackpot,' meaning that each casino that hosts the specific game contributes to the same jackpot. The jackpot amount in such best online slots Australia is generated from the bets made by players around the world. Because of the massive input provided by players from all over the world, network progressive jackpot payouts can range from $500K to $5 million.

Due to the massive payout offered by network jackpots, it’s challenging to find one without a high variance rate. For better odds of increasing your bankroll, you should go for other jackpot city casino games. On the flip side, playing network jackpots is risky, but it's worth a chance at the biggest payout on any online casino.

Jackpot Games Available in the RocketPlay Online Casino

Jackpot Lab

Jackpot lab is an online slot developed by Platipus Gaming. In this slot, the stakes are high as you compete for the massive rewards hidden inside. It is jam-packed with unique features and payouts that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you wait for the wins to fall.

Jackpot Lab is a 40-payline, 5-reel slot with substituting wilds, scatter symbols, free spins, and a bonus reel to enhance your gameplay. So, prepare to mix up concoctions for big wins by spinning the reels of this slot. The Jackpot lab bonus feature is the highlight of this slot. The goal of the game is to win one of the four jackpots available using its bonus reel, and it can also award an unlimited number of free spins.

Jackpot Sevens

Jackpot Sevens gives players a glimpse into the future of slot machines, and we're big fans! The majority of the paytable is made up of juicy, stylishly designed fruits.

If you enjoy bonus features, you'll enjoy Jackpot Sevens! Two large jackpots are available, one for landing Lucky 7s and the other for landing diamond scatters. Jackpots alone would normally suffice, but Jackpot Sevens goes above and beyond; also offers free jackpot slot machine games. A special star boost promises several unique rewards, such as multipliers and extra spins.

Jackpot Builders

The Jackpot Builders game will provide you with thrill, excitement, and rising adrenaline levels. That’s not all, it will also allow you to win huge sums of money.

It is a 4 reel, 9 pay line slot that focuses on creating massive winning combinations. There are several fantastic features that will spice up your game and aid in the construction of prizes as tall as skyscrapers.

Jackpot Builders is one of the jackpot city best games that allow you to try your hand at demolishing and constructing skyscrapers while aiming for huge wins! The volatility level can be customized as desired, determining whether your playtime is more dynamic or less dynamic.

Jackpot Express

The Jackpot Express slot machine has 5 reels and 20 paylines. Winners are formed by landing three or more matching symbols or wilds on adjacent reels beginning with reel 1.

You can board this riverboat casino for as little as 20p and as much as $100 per spin. Numerous autoplay options are available here, and you can program up to 1,000 auto-spins as needed. The settings tab also allows you to change the spin speed. The RTP of Jackpot Express is a respectable 96.2%, with a hit frequency of 32%. Overall, the high-quality visuals and the jazzy soundtrack add to the old-world charm.

Jackpot Raiders

Jackpot Raiders appeals to those who enjoy gameplay that combines traditional and experimental elements. Jackpot Raiders has 96.3% RTP, and x4110 win potential as a max win.

Jackpot Raiders is a 5-reel, 20 payline slot game with free spins up to x10 your wager. The slot appears to be of high quality, and overall, it offers an exciting gaming experience.

The game has low volatility and offers a jackpot prize. Take advantage of free spins, wilds, multipliers, a bonus game, and other unique features. You can also try it out when you play jackpot casino games free.

The Most Popular Jackpot Game Providers in the RocketPlay Casino

RocketPlay is familiar with the software firms that market and supply jackpot games free download to online gaming operators. With hundreds of competing software providers to choose from, RocketPlay chose award-winning and emerging. Red Tiger and Play'n Go are among the award-winning providers, while TrueLab and Fugaso are on the rise. Below, we’ll be discussing some of the popular providers for jackpot online casino games at RocketPlay:

Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil is a Malta-based iGaming software company. Fredrik Elmqvist, a former NetEnt CEO, founded the company in early 2013. Frederick's vision was to develop technologically advanced gameplay rather than simply number-based games.

Their complex and unusual company name is based on Scandinavian mythology, with Yggdrasil referring to a massive ash tree that is home to eagles and dragons. Yggdrasil is also considered the gateway to all nine mythical worlds, including Asgard, the home of the gods.

Yggdrasil Gaming provides the next generation of online slot and free jackpot games that outperform the competition. These games are new and designed with cutting-edge technology, and other online casino software developers may have to rethink their strategies to compete with them.

Many websites have taken notice of its award-winning slots and new jackpot games. The good thing about Yggdrasil Gaming is that most of their games have a medium to high variance, which suits players who are always in search of a big win.


Playtech is the world's largest casino software company, operating since 1999. Since then, they've created over 700 different titles of slots, table games, and live dealer casino games. Playtech operates globally and is the proud owner of 30 licenses from regulated jurisdictions. Additionally, the brand has 170 different global licenses in the gambling industry.

Their online portfolio is constantly updated with casino, bingo, sports betting, poker, live gaming, and a variety of free online jackpot games that are always favorites among gamblers in several online casinos. Playtech is not only a licensed and regulated software company but also pioneers new technologies and pushes the boundaries of casino gaming.

For a better marketing strategy, Playtech includes hundreds of promotional campaigns and incentives. As part of the game provider package, free spin features and free jackpot casino games will not be overlooked, allowing for even more marketing opportunities.

Red Tiger

This well-known software provider was founded in 2014 by a group of iGaming veterans, and it specializes in casino game development.

Red Tiger currently has over a dozen games in its catalog, including free jackpot slot games online. Red Tiger has managed to cover many different themes because of its commitment to creating high-quality games and releasing new titles almost every month. There are over 90 software titles to choose from, and Red Tiger Gaming offers both video slots and table games.

The games user interface are easy-to-use with attractive graphics. Despite the company's youth, Red Tiger games are easy to recall due to their stunning 2D and 3D graphics and immersive feel. They not only make great games, but they also provide excellent 24/7 support and maintenance.


Quickfire is a gaming software authorized by Microgaming. Casinos can gain access to Microgaming content through a simple but fast integration process that works across all flash and mobile platforms available.

Because Quickfire gives you access to the Microgaming catalog, you can play a wide range of games on the platform. Quickfire supports 400 games at 100 operators, serving several players who place more than 50 million bets daily. It is Microgaming's solution for distributing its games to a wide range of online casino platforms.

Quickfire has grown significantly since its initial release in 2010, providing a unique gaming experience to gamblers. Casinos can have better and more complete control over their gaming offer by acting as a network for content from partner developers, through which a large number of games are released. Players appreciate that they can now choose from a much broader range of casinos that offer fantastic game titles.


Onlyplay is a software developer that was founded in 2007. The company focuses on developing instant win games and jackpot casino games online. Their catalog is full of unique and exciting games. Many of Onlyplay's games are popular with players worldwide, particularly those looking for something different than traditional slots.

The company's portfolio is jam-packed with exciting Crash games, slot games, a variety of fast/instant win games, jackpot casino free games, and unique solutions that have no counterparts in the industry anywhere in the world.

Excellent design and animations highlight the game's main idea: to create an atmosphere that immerses players in the exciting world of the game.

Pros and Cons of Playing Jackpot Casino Games


  • Jackpot casino games Australia offer higher payouts than regular casino games.
  • They come with special features and in-game bonus rounds.


  • There are usually conditions attached to the games.
  • Jackpot games that offer huge payouts are only available a few times a year.


How to play jackpot games?

You need to first choose a reliable online casino, like the RocketPlay online casino Australia real money. Register and provide all necessary details. Go to the casino lobby and search for “Jackpot” to see all the jackpot games available at the casino. If you’re unsure about how the game works, you can play the jackpot games online free to learn the tips and tricks of the game.

Is it safe to play jackpot games in the RocketPlay casino?

Yes, it is totally safe for gamblers to play at the casino. RocketPlay has a Curacao gambling license, making it safe and legit. You have nothing to worry about while gambling on this site; your information and funds are kept safe.

How to choose the best jackpot casino game in Australia?

It’s not so difficult to choose the best jackpot games to play; you just have to consider some factors. A game with a high RTP will offer you a huge return on your investment when compared to games with a low RTP. The variance of the game should also be considered. You can also choose to play jackpot free games so as to test the waters.

What is the biggest jackpot I can win playing jackpot games in the RocketPlay casino?

There is no laid down amount to how much you can win while playing jackpot games, and it will all depend on the players contributing to the pot. The total prize increases with each spin. You could be lucky enough to win a life-changing sum of money.

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