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Live Baccarat in Australian Online Casino

Baccarat stands tall as one of the most popular classic table games that has become a staple among casinos globally over recent times. With recent technological advancements, baccarat players are not only stuck with the regular online prototype. They can also get to feel the thrill of playing their favourite game in an actual brick-and-mortar casino. Now, it is even more interesting that more casino online betting platforms are moving to offering live options that give users a well-rounded live-gaming experience.

One of such baccarat live casino platforms that makes these types of games available for Australian players is Rocketplay casino. In this text, we will go deep into the available options on this platform and how to specifically navigate these choices on the site.

Is it possible to play Baccarat with a live dealer in Rocketplay casino?

Yes. One of the few touch points that makes the live casino baccarat standout from the virtual Baccarat picks on the Rocketplay platform is the opportunity to play with a live dealer online casino. This whole twist to the game makes you feel like you are playing in a brick-and-mortar casino where the whole buzz is going on. It is almost like eating your cake and having it – staying at home or office and playing with an actual live dealer and other players in a physical location.

There are a couple of live Baccarat games available, which are provided by software gamers, who are in partnership with these casinos where the action is filmed live. You can be carried along even from your mobile device or PC. The impressive thing about this is the fact that you can also communicate with the dealer. This option is always provided in the game, which allows you to do so via chat. All of this comes together to assure you of a very interactive gaming experience.

Why should you try Live Dealer Baccarat in Rocketplay Casino?

If you are still warming up to the idea of trying out baccarat online live casino in Rocketplay, here are few solid points that would convince you:


When it comes to guaranteeing a pleasant gaming experience, the quality of the game is one thing that mainly goes into consideration. This is not very different from what is applicable with baccarat. If you are quite familiar with Rocketplay casino, you would know one thing that they hardly compromise on is the quality of their selected choices. They always do the best to bring their customers the best of games, even if it is not in innumerable quantities sometimes.

A visit to Rocketplay live casino section will usher you into a fine collection of top-tier live baccarat selections from the industry’s finest developers. Rocketplay were very nit-picky enough to feature live baccarat online casino games from five major software providers: Lucky Streak, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic and Ezugi. If you are familiar with these names, then you know you are in for a treat.

High RTP Picks

If you are very familiar with playing Baccarat casino games especially, you would know that one thing that really influences your chances of winning is the game’s RTP. This is a general how to win baccarat online casino tip that informs a lot of experienced bettors to look out for the RTP of a game before playing.

While it is not that basic, it is a key factor that influences winning rate. Having understood what players mostly look out for, Rocketplay ensured that they feature selections with RTPs that are on the far end of the spectrum.

By the bookie’s standard and considering the quality of Baccarat options featured on Rocketplay, the minimum RTP you are likely to find is 97%. Some of the games offer as high as 99% RTP, which leaves you wondering how impressive the winning rate for that selection will be.

Impressive User Interface

The possibility of enjoying a game on a casino platform sometimes is dependent on how attractive and easily navigable the user interface is. It is hard to enjoy a satisfactory gaming experience when the graphics are upsetting. It is even more difficult when the site is hard to navigate, given how the elements are aligned.

However, this is hardly something that you can experience with Rocketplay online casino Australia for real money. Whether it is your first time playing online casino live baccarat real money, you are rarely going to struggle with finding your way around. This is simply because the site is built with utmost simplicity in mind, making sure it is aesthetically appealing. Given the very easy to navigate and functional user interface that the site assures, you are likely to spend more time playing away.

Attractive Bonus Offers

One of the exciting things about playing at Rocketplay is the juicy bonuses that you stand to gain. If it is particularly your first time playing baccarat casino on this platform, it comes in handy for you because you get to cut down on the amount you are spending on stakes. As a new user from Australia, you are entitled to a welcome bonus if your first deposit and second deposit is up to 30 AUD and 75 AUD respectively.

For the first deposit and second deposits, the maximum amount that can be paid using the individual bonus offers is 3000 AUD. It will also interest you to know that you are expected to wager the bonus x40, before it can be withdrawn. The bonus also has a validity period of five days.

There are also a truckload of other bonus offers that you can explore to your advantage. However, one of them that is specific to live baccarat casino games is the Live Cashback promotion. As the name implies, for you to enjoy the cashback, you are expected to lose out on bets worth above 7.6 AUD in your last seven days of playing live dealer games. Once you meet that criterion, you will be awarded the cashback gift, which is always 10% of the amount lost for the week. This bonus is usually paid out on Thursdays.

It would also interest you to know that the maximum amount that you can receive from the Live Cashback is 1,500 AUD. How exciting is that? One major caveat about the Cashback is that you are expected to wager the returns from it x5, before you can withdraw it. It is obvious you are in for a treat playing a live baccarat casino game on Rocketplay Casino.

Responsive Customer Support

It is easy to tell how enthusiastic a gambling brand is about satisfying their customers by how much effort they put into their customer support. As a player, it can be frustrating to deal with a challenge posed by a website.

Most times, complaints seem to take long before they are attended to because of how unresponsive the platform’s customer support is. At Rocketplay, you are assured of customer support that replies to complaints on a timely basis. You can be assured to get your issues sorted in due time after reporting them.

Two of the very active means of communication with the customer support of Rocketplay is via chat or email. They work round-the-clock to ensure all customers get the attention needed for a satisfactory gaming experience.

Rules of Live Baccarat in Rocketplay Online Casino

Here are some of the general rules to playing live dealer that you should be familiar with before heading to Rocketplay casino:

  • The dealer is expected to deal the cards face up. Two cards each are for the player and banker. The hand that has a total closest to nine is declared winner of the round.
  • In the event that you bet on the banker hand and it wins, only 95% of your wager will be paid out to you.
  • In the event that the cards dealt surpasses nine when summed up, it is ideal to add the two together or drop one to get the value.
  • In the event that the player’s total is five or below, the player is expected to receive another card. There is also an option that the player stands
  • In the event that the player opts to stand, the banker becomes five or below.
  • In the event that the player or banker is dealt a total of eight or nine cards, both the player and banker stand.
  • A tie pays out 8-to-1.

Ideally, it is not difficult to get used to the playing rules of the baccarat game. All that is required from you is to play a couple of rounds, and in no time, you will discover you now have a firm handle on the game. Explore the selective range of baccarat options available at the best baccarat online casino, Rocketplay casino and enjoy top-notch casino gaming like never before.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Play Live Dealer Baccarat in Rocketplay Casino

To start your journey in the live baccarat section of the Rocketplay platform, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the main Rocketplay website
  • Register an account by clicking on the Sign Up button by the top right and enter your basic details.
  • If you already have an account, click on the Login tab and enter your details.
  • Click on the deposit tab by the top of the page, select your currency, enter the amount and choose your preferred deposit method.
  • Once you have funded your account with the right amount needed for your bets, click on the Live Casino tab
  • Select the category you would like to play under or select the provider to narrow your search.
  • Start the game and follow through with the game’s specific rules.

Is it possible to play Live Baccarat on a mobile phone in Rocketplay Casino?

Yes, it is very possible. As a matter of fact, Rocketplay have built a platform that is particularly favourable to mobile users. This stems from the understanding that a bulk of the users who play live baccarat or any other casino game, mostly do so with their mobile devices.

The site is optimally designed to render well with mobile devices. On the other hand, it would be a different ball game if a casino platform is mobile-friendly, when most of the games available aren’t. This is hardly the case with Rocketplay casino, because they go for the finest of selections that would perform excellently on mobile devices.

In the grand scheme of things, if you are planning to explore the plethora of options available on Rocketplay casino with your mobile devices, then you have no cause for worry as you are well covered.

Live Baccarat Software Providers in Rocketplay Casino

In the Baccarat section under the Live Casino category, there are a little over 30 games available. These games are all cumulatively provided by five main providers: Evolution Gaming, LuckyStreak, Pragmatic, Ezugi and Playtech.

Evolution Gaming

When it comes to the baccarat section under the live casino category of Rocketplay casino, the software provider currently leading with the highest number of games is Evolution Gaming. As at the time of writing this review, there are about 22 games from Evolution Gaming out of the total number of baccarat games available.

It is obvious that Rocketplay Casino seems to favour this provider more, compared to the others. The reason is not so farfetched, given that they are highly reputable for creating some of the best live casino games with attractive winning potentials. Some of the notable names from Evolution Gaming are Speed Baccarat, Lightning Baccarat First Person and Baccarat No Commision Live, to mention but a few.

However, while the bulk of selections at Rocketplay casino are from Evolution Gaming, it doesn’t seem to favour Australian players as they all don’t accept AUD. This implies that to play any of the Evolution Gaming Baccarat options on Rocketplay, you have to change your currency and probably use a VPN to switch to another location.


Aside from Evolution Gaming, this is another leading game provider on the platform in terms of number of games provided. As at the time of writing this review, there are just six baccarat options provided by LuckyStreak that are currently available on Rocketplay Casino. The options are Baccarat 4, Baccarat, X Baccarat M1, X Baccarat M2, X Baccarat M3 and X Baccarat M4.

All of the above picks listed are highly rated in the current gambling space and generally offer quite impressive RTPs that will help your winning chances. The good thing about baccarat options from Lucky Streak is the fact that they are all available to Australian users, unlike with Evolution Gaming options on the platform.


Pragmatic is one software provider on Rocketplay that perfectly matches LuckyStreak in terms of number of games provided. As at the time of writing this review, there are also six baccarat online games from this provider. The options are Speed Baccarat, Baccarat 13, Speed Baccarat 10, Speed Baccarat 13, Baccarat C and Speed Baccarat C. While the games are not bulky in number, they are hands down some of the finest live Baccarat options in the gambling industry at the moment. It would also suffice to add that all of these options from Pragmatic are generally available to Australian players.


Over the years, Ezugi have maintained prominence in the gambling industry as a force to be reckoned with. However, it is quite disappointing that there are very scarce Ezugi live baccarat games available on Rocketplay casino. At the time of writing, there is just one game from Ezugi featured on the platform.

This game from Ezugi, the No Commission Baccarat, stands tall as one of the most sought-after live casino games in recent times. As it is the case with Evolution Gaming live baccarat options provided on Rocketplay, this game is also not available to players that try to play using AUD as their currency on the platform. Inevitably, if you are using AUD, you have to play the live baccarat games accessible to you or change your currency to the acceptable ones.


It would be an anomaly if this award-winning game provider doesn’t make the cut here, especially considering how mindful Rocketplay can be about picking only the best game providers. Currently, there are just three Playtech baccarat options available at Rocketplay. They include: Baccarat Golden, Live Baccarat 1 and Live Baccarat 2. These games are popularly touted for their brilliant user interface and impressive RTPs. It would also interest you to know that these games are available for users that are intending to play using AUD.

Types of Baccarat Live Games and Their Features In Rocketplay Casino

If you check out the baccarat options offered on RocketPlay, you would discover that some of the providers offer the same type of live baccarat options, with very similar features when you play them. Here, we will be looking at the different types of live Baccarat options provided on the platform and what makes each of them unique.

Speed Baccarat

This is easily one of the reigning types of Baccarat games available in the gambling space today. It is slowly becoming a favourite for a plethora of live baccarat enthusiasts. What is particularly unique about live baccarat options classified under this category, is that they are more fast-paced than the regular baccarat games.

With speed Baccarat options, a round lasts for 25 seconds as opposed to the standard 48 seconds for regular baccarat games. On the Rocketplay platform, there is a wide variation of Speed Baccarat options particularly from Evolution Gaming. If you are a sucker for a fast-paced gaming experience, you know where to look.

Lightning Baccarat

One of the characteristic features about this type of baccarat option is the lightning card multiplier that usually makes it to each round. With the multiplier, you are promised a higher winning potential than you would with regular live baccarat options.

All of the lightning Baccarat games on Rocketplay are by no coincidence from Evolution Gaming. If you like the idea of multiplied winnings away from the general norm, then this option is for you.

No Commission Baccarat

Like the name implies, for this type of live dealer baccarat online games, you don’t have to be worried about paying the standard 5% commission on Banker wins. How exciting is that? Simply speaking, this gives you more value for your winnings. As at the time of writing this review, there are only two game providers offering No Commission Baccarat games: Evolution Gaming and Ezugi. Sadly, they are both unavailable for players using AUD.

Baccarat Squeeze

If you like the thrill that comes with the squeeze, where the dealer only squeezes the cards dealt to the hand associated with the greatest total wager. You are only likely to find the squeeze type of baccarat games from Evolution Gaming. As you already know by now, Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat games are not available to players using AUD.

Golden Wealth Live Baccarat

This is one Live dealer baccarat online casino game type available on Rocketplay that's particularly unique for the rich and affluent outlook of the gaming interface. This baccarat type is not as numerous as the others and is relatively new in the online baccarat casino gambling space. As expected, the Golden Wealth games are largely provided by Evolution Gaming and they are also not available to users playing with AUD. If you are someone with a very elitist taste generally, this is one baccarat game you should look out for.

Pros and Cons of Playing Live Baccarat

If you need some more perspective to help you narrow your mind about playing live baccarat or not, here we will be torch lighting some of the pros and cons of the game.


  • It is very easy to learn. Sometimes, it takes you a few minutes to grasp it because the rules are quite simple and straightforward.
  • The game has a very low casino edge. Games like this are most advisable to play, because they are structured to make you lose less money per round, which also helps your winning chances.
  • It allows you the opportunity to choose your dealer. Because you are playing live, you get the choice of deciding who your dealer would be which is not possible with the virtual baccarat type.


  • It can be super-fast. If you don't have a firm grasp of the game, especially as a beginner, you are likely to get lost in the heat of the moment because of how engaging the game can be.
  • The experience is watered down. While the live option allows you to see what's going on in real-time, the experience gets lost on you because you can't feel the atmosphere.


Do I need a separate account to play Live casino Baccarat?

No, you don't. Just because it is a live game doesn't mean you have to do anything special to participate and expose yourself to the winning potential the game promises. All you need is one account, which you can open easily when you move to the Rocketplay casino website and fill in the right details to register.

You will be mandated to select a currency when making a deposit, which becomes the currency you will be playing all games with, whether it is live online casino baccarat or any other one.

Which live baccarat game to choose?

There is no straight answer to this question because interest varies, and you are expected to play live dealer baccarat online casino Australia games that appeal to your interest. Mind you, Rocketplay makes a fine selection of baccarat games to play, so your options are quite extensive.

To know the baccarat game to choose, you have to analyze them based on what they offer. Some offer a fast-gaming experience for users. If that happens to be what works for you, then you know well to pick any Speed Baccarat game. Some afford you the privilege of not paying commission on banker wins. If you fall in that category, you should look out for No Commission Baccarat games. The list goes on and on.

Which Online casino offers the best live dealer Baccarat?

Rocketplay is undoubtedly the best casino for Baccarat, for a couple of reasons. What the platform tends to lack in numbers which you can find at other casinos, they make up for it in quality. They feature the finest baccarat games that promise you a top-notch gaming experience, mobile friendly interface, fast response and high RTP.

It is not a coincidence that most of the baccarat options that are offered on this website have RTPs of 98% or higher. It is quite obvious that this online casino with baccarat is very much concerned about their users getting maximum value for their stakes. It is not surprising how the platform beats competitors hand down when it comes to the available games on offer.

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