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Live Blackjack in Australia

You wouldn’t be far from the truth if you say Blackjack is the most popular casino-banking game in the world. This game has lived through centuries, yet maintains its importance in the casino-gaming sphere. What used to be a game that was only played in brick-and-mortar casinos, experienced a paradigm-shift which saw a new wave of dominance in the online gaming space.

However, most players familiar with playing this game in real-time casinos couldn’t withhold their satisfaction. They blatantly implied the regular online blackjack game doesn’t compare to the ones played in actual casinos. This eventually reinforced an innovation which brought the idea of a live casino blackjack game into limelight. Now, players can literally play with real-time dealers in a casino without even being present in the casino.

So far, more betting platforms and software providers have caught on the movement and there are now a broad range of online blackjack games penetrating the market. In this article, we would be looking specifically into what the Australian casino, Rocketplay, has on offer in terms of blackjack online options. Stick with us, as there is more waiting to be revealed.

Is it possible to play Blackjack with a live dealer in RocketPlay Casino?

Yes, it is possible. As is the case with many other platforms offering blackjack online game options, Rocketplay also allows you to play with a live dealer online casino Australia. That is in fact the general appeal of the game. Rocketplay provides you a platform that makes playing blackjack online for real money exciting, with the broad range of options that you are provided with.

Moving forward, we can’t possibly over emphasize how foolproof the platform is in terms of the cinematic gameplay experience that is assured. This almost leaves you forgetting that you are actually not playing in an actual casino. When playing at Rocketplay, you also have the option of speaking with the dealer, which stretches the limits of how realistic the game is poised to be.

Why should you try Blackjack in Rocketplay Casino?

In case you are looking for solid reasons to justify playing blackjack at Australia's most trusted online casino, Rocketplay, in the subsequent paragraphs, we will be shedding some light on some of the very key ones.

Commendable range of options

Variety, they say, is the space of life. One inherent characteristic of most online players is their penchant for always wanting options. The reason is not so far-fetched. When players have options, they don’t get easily bored. Most importantly, their winning chances are heightened. We are sure anyone reading this agrees too. It is for this reason that Rocketplay tried to ensure that the Live Blackjack games collection is robust enough with a diverse range of options.

As a matter of fact, among the sub categories under the Live casino section of Rocketplay website, Live Blackjack features the most gaming options, with Roulette coming a close second. As at the time of writing this review, there are about 60 Live Blackjack games, which is an improvement when compared to the number of Baccarat games available, which are less than 40. You are definitely assured of a more swell time playing Live Blackjack games, given the extensive range of options offered.

Broader Inclusion of Game Providers

This still boils down to options, as it pertains to the game providers particularly. While the rules for all Live Blackjack might be similar, one thing that’s very unique is that the design and gameplay experience could be different from one software provider to another. This is why it is favourable to feature games from more than one software provider as they get to try out different feel of the game. Currently, there are eight software providers with games under the Live Blackjack section of this website. However, the volume that each provider offers varies.

For now, there are more features of Live blackjack games from Evolution gaming, with the provider offering a whopping 28 gaming options. It is disappointing though that all their games aren’t available for users playing with AUD. On the other hand, Playtech, Pragmatic and Lucky Streak provide an equal number of six games each on the website. There is a wide gap when comparing the quantities to the ones provided by Evolution Gaming. However, one good thing is that all their games are available to players using AUD.

On the other hand, Ezugi offers five Blackjack games. However, like Evolution Gaming, all the games are not available to players using AUD. The providers with the least provision of games under the Live Blackjack category are NetEnt, Softbet and Quickfire, with each representing just one game.


For a broad range of online players, especially those who are trying to explore with games they haven’t played before, they most likely go for the ones that aren’t difficult to learn. One of the major likable factors about Blackjack is that it is very easy to play. The rules are very much straightforward and you don’t need any in-depth casino gaming experience before you can get a hang of it. This contrasts with a good number of table games.

For the most part, all you just need to do is to play one time and you will already start feeling like you have been playing the game for ages. More interesting is the fact that most of the Blackjack games put together from different providers, all have a straightforward and easy-to-navigate user interface that makes catching up with the game easy for you, especially as a beginner.

High Payout Frequency

If you have any experience with playing live blackjack games, you would know well enough that these games promise a very impressive payout frequency. In their way of wanting to go the extra mile for their users, Rocketplay are also selective about the type of Blackjack games that makes it to their selection.

It is not by chance that most of the Blackjack games featured on the platform have very high RTP. If you are someone looking to make more on the tables, you know well enough that playing Live Blackjack at Rocketplay is a step in the right direction.

Multiple Languages

It is common knowledge that most online casinos allow diversity in terms of the countries which players are playing from. In that case, it is understandable that players who speak other languages would want to patronize the platform. This raises the need for language-friendly blackjack options that come correct with the option of changing the language to what is convenient for you.

This explains why Rocketplay features blackjack games from top providers that include a wide range of language options in their games. Whether you are playing from Spain, Italy or anywhere in the world, you won’t be disadvantaged on any front, since you have the option of picking what language works for you.


For a lot of bettors who are trying an online casino for the first time, they might not have the necessary funds to play as they would like. More specifically, they might not want to splurge as they decide to make up their mind on whether the platform is good for them or not. They can only know how good the platform’s Blackjack options are if they experiment.

It is with this understanding that Rocketplay provides a diverse range of bonus offers that you can use when playing live tables on the website. This way, your fears of losing too much whilst trying to get a grip of the site is curtailed. You can now cushion your bets with the mouthwatering range of bonuses and explore the limits of the offerings on Rocketplay.


There are numerous cases where bettors expose themselves to security breaches because they patronize certain online gambling platforms or they play unauthorized games from them. Rocketplay is one casino that holds their players' privacy and security in high-esteem. This sheds some light on why they only feature blackjack games from the best providers who have a track-record of excellence and most importantly, who only produce games that are highly secure.

There is a level of assurance that comes with playing a game that doesn’t put you at any risk in terms of security breach. This is what you get to feel when you play live blackjack at Rocketplay.

Rules of Live Blackjack in RocketplayOnline Casino

Here, we will be looking at the commonly acceptable rules of playing online blackjack real money games in Rocketplay.

  • There are eight decks of cards used in every Live Blackjack game at the casino regardless of the provider.
  • The goal of the game is to get a hand total that is higher than the dealer’s but doesn’t total higher than 21.
  • To start the game, all players put forward their chips signifying the value of bets and in return, each player gets two cards facing upwards, while the dealer also gets two cards, but one is facing downwards.
  • Ideally, the value of the Ace card could either be 1 or 11. Jacks, Kings and Queens are all equal to 10. Number cards on the other hand are counted at face value.
  • If your total is equal to 21 on the dot, you have won your bet against the dealer by 1.5x. If your bet was 10 AUD, your total winnings will be 25AUD.
  • In the event where your total is higher than the dealer, but not up to 21, neither is it below 17, you will 1x your bet from the dealer. What this implies is that if your stake was 20 AUD, your total winnings will be 40 AUD.
  • In the event that your total is higher than 21, you “bust,” and the dealer gets your bet.
  • In the event that the dealer “busts,” every player in that round wins twice their bet
  • If you want more cards after the cards have been dealt, say “hit”. However, if you don’t want any more cards after the cards have been dealt, say “stay”.
  • In the event that you are given identical cards, which is called a pair in blackjack, you are allowed to split the cards into another hand, while asking for a second card for each hand and placing equal wager on both hands.
  • You are not allowed to split a split hand.
  • You are allowed to double after splitting.
  • Only one card is drawn to split aces.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Play Blackjack in Rocketplay Casino

To play Blackjack in Rocketplay casino, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official Rocketplay website.
  • Register an account if you don’t have one or sign into your account if you do.
  • Navigate to the deposit tab of the page, select your currency, enter the amount and make your deposit.
  • Navigate to the Live Casino tab of the website.
  • Click on the Black Jack sub-category.
  • Go through the numerous options available and make your pick.
  • Click on the game and start playing for winnings.

Is it possible to play Live Blackjack on a mobile phone in Rocketplay Casino?

Yes, it is very possible. It goes without saying that generally, players tend to access online games from their mobile phones. This is because they are generally handier and more compact, hence easier to carry around than PCs.

Rocketplay casino understands this fact and as seen on their online Blackjack Australia, they tend to ensure that the range of Blackjack options provided are very accessible with mobile devices.

As a matter of fact, these games are mostly designed with mobile users in hand. In the grand scheme of things, you are assured of high speed, minimal occurrence of glitches and perfect rendering of the graphics when playing these games from your phones. All of these are important in deciding how exciting your playing experience can be.

Live Blackjack Software Providers in Rocketplay Casino

By now, if there is one thing that you should have figured out, it is that Rocketplay takes no chances when it comes to offering quality to their users. It is not out of the ordinary that the casino would feature only the finest game providers in the gambling space at the moment.

As at the time of writing this review, there are live blackjack options from eight software providers. They include Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic, Ezugi, Playtech, Lucky Streak, NetEnt, SoftBet and Quickfire.

Of all the game providers, Evolution Gaming is the leading provider of blackjack options on the Rocketplay platform with over 20 options. The others like Playtech, Pragmatic and Lucky Streak offer an equal number of blackjack options. On the other hand, Ezugi offers five blackjack options. The ones that offer the least in terms of live online blackjack Australia options are NetEnt, SoftBet, and Quickfire. It would suffice to note as an Australian player who intends to use AUD to play the blackjack games, options from Ezugi and Playtech are non-accessible.

Types of Blackjack Live Games and their Features in Rocketplay Casino

On the Rocketplay platform, there are different types of games which are unique by factors like speed, gameplay style, environment and so much more. Here, we will be looking at the common range of options that are available on the website.

Classic Blackjack

As the name implies, this is Blackjack type with the standard rules. You can find this type of blackjack from the vast range of providers available.

Speed Blackjack

This card follows the same order of rules that are particular to playing blackjack. However, some distinction is the order with which the cards are dealt when it is time for the player to make their decision.

From the distinct rule of this blackjack variation, after the dealing has been done, the player who makes the fastest decision will get their next card dealt first. This adds an exciting new touch to what you have always known blackjack to be. On the Rocketplay platform, only Evolution Gaming offers this variation of Blackjack.

VIP Blackjack

As the name implies, this is the blackjack variation for the big boys – the high rollers. If you are someone who has a preference for staking high and you are looking to be in an isolated environment consisting of other high-rollers like you, this type of blackjack makes the perfect choice.

Three main providers on Rocketplay offer VIP blackjack – Lucky Streak, Ezugi and Evolution gaming. As we have already mentioned, if you are trying to play with AUD, the Evolution Gaming variant won’t be available to you.

Salon Prive

This variation of the Blackjack is the VIP of the VIPs. With this blackjack online with live dealer type, you are presented with a more elite gaming environment that is on the highest pedestal when it comes to other games.

Most importantly, this variation is particularly characteristic of its allowance of very high bets. If you are someone who wants to stake really high, this is one variation that will work for you. There are two main providers that offer this variation of blackjack – Playtech and Ezugi.

Blackjack Azure

This is one unique online blackjack with live dealers type that is available on Rocketplay. Like many others, it promises a fun-gaming experience.

One of the very unique qualities about this game is how fast-paced it is. For this game, the betting time is set at 10 seconds. It also makes provision for more side bets options than you would find in other variations. There are different variations of Blackjack Azure, A-G. The higher the category, the higher the betting limits allowed in the table. If you are a high-roller, then you should play the Azure options from J - G.

Currently on Rocketplay, the only provider offering Blackjack Azure options is Pragmatic. One of the impressive things about the Blackjack Azure is the high RTP. By standard, the Blackjack Azure games come with an RTP as high as 99%.

Pros and Cons of Playing Live Blackjack

It is understandable if after reading up until this point, you are still cynical about patronizing Rocketplay, the best live blackjack casino. Here, we will be looking at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Live Blackjack to help you make a more informed decision.


  • You get to play from your comfort zone while getting carried along with what is going on in the casino.
  • The live blackjack games generally have juicy RTP which helps your winning chances a great deal.
  • The games are generally faster, hence assuring you of a thrilling gaming experience.
  • The games favour the use of juicy bonuses from the casino, which helps you to hedge bets and try out for even better winning opportunities than your regular stake would allow.
  • The games are generally very easy to play and don't involve too much technicality.
  • Most live casino live blackjack games allow for very low bets. This is advantageous for low-rollers who are just trying to find a way around the casino.


  • The bonuses that are always offered by the online casinos generally have ridiculous wagering requirements that most times end up expiring before meeting up to them.
  • The fast-pace of blackjack puts you in a position to lose more as you get to play multiple rounds in minutes.
  • Live blackjack online options don't give you the opportunity to interact with other players at the table, as you would if you were playing in a land-based casino.
  • Playing live doesn’t give you room to apply certain playing techniques like shuffle tracking that is doable when playing in an offline location.


Do I need a separate account to play Live Casino Blackjack?

You don’t. It is understandable why you might be thinking along the lines that there is a special account that should be opened to play online blackjack with live dealer. However, it would interest you to know that you don’t have to go through that hassle.

If you are a new user still trying to figure out the platform, you are only required to open just one account. That account is the only one you are expected to fund to help you place bets on the different playing options on the casino platform. Once that account is funded, you are allowed to play just about any game from Live blackjack casinos to even slots. So just in case that you have ever wondered, your bet account is all-encompassing.

Which live Blackjack game to choose?

It would be futile to recommend specific blackjack online live dealer options for you to play, given that the interest varies from one user to another. As you already know, there are numerous blackjack options available, more than you would find in other game categories under the live casino section.

Each of these games have their distinct qualities that make them tick. For example, if you are a bettor looking for a low betting limit blackjack game to play, you are better off trying out a game like the Blackjack Azure A. However, if you are a bettor looking to stake high instead, then you know too well to sample options like Blackjack VIP options or Salon Prive.

In the grand scheme of things, choosing your preferred blackjack option relies on the functionality of the game. If the functionality tallies with what you are looking to get in a blackjack game, then you know that game is for you.

Which online casino offers the best live dealers Blackjack?

While we can’t particularly tell you the specific blackjack games to pick, we can tell you for a fact that Rocketplay casino offers the best live online blackjack. As long as Rocketplay has been in the gaming sphere, one metric that has always been used to rate them is how dedicated they are about providing quality to their customer base and nothing short of that.

In a bid to offer quality, especially for blackjack live casino games, they don’t try to just feature as many software providers. Instead, they handpick providers that are sure to provide users with the best blackjack options. It is perhaps no coincidence that when you look through the game providers offering live blackjack casino games, they are mostly the award-winning ones with reliable track records to go with.

Ultimately, if you are looking for where to pitch your tent when it comes to Live blackjack, then you should know well enough that Rocketplay casino is your best bet.

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